Music Program

Music is an important facet of worship at St. Sebastian. The Music Ministry program is dedicated to inspiring and awakening the hearts and souls of our parish family through sung prayer. New members are always welcome! If you are musically inclined, please consider joining one or more of the music ministry groups. You will be warmly welcomed!   


“When, In Our Music, God Is Glorified” – Mark 14:26


Linda Phillips

Director of Music Ministries
313.562.5356 x 307


Adult Liturgical Choir

The Adult Liturgical Choir leads the assembly in sung prayer.  This group enhances principle liturgies throughout the year. The Adult Liturgical Choir is open to parishioners, high school age and older, confirmed in the church.  Currently, we are a Seasonal Choir, singing for the Christmas Season and Holy Week/Easter.  Rehearsal times to be determined.

The ability to read music is not required, but it is necessary to be able to carry a tune. The backbone of our Music Ministry, the Adult Choir is a friendly, enthusiastic, dedicated group of singers. If you have a joyful heart and a tuneful ear, please consider joining this wonderful group. 


Cantor Ministry

Cantors have a very special ministry in proclaiming the psalmody during the Liturgy of the Word. They also assist in the singing of litanies, responses, and acclamations throughout the liturgy. A well-trained cantor blesses the community. Cantors should possess enough musical ability to execute their ministry, but they need something more. They need to be men and women with religious understanding, who can not only sing a text accurately, but also share their faithful soul and inspire the prayer of others. A good cantor will invite participation in song and spirit. Auditions are mandatory for this ministry.


Instrumental Ensemble

Open to youth (7th grade and above) and adults of all ages. This group provides accompaniment for hymns and special music during special liturgical celebrations throughout the year. Guitars, woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion ~ most instruments are welcome. The ability to work both independently and in a group is essential to the success of this ensemble. There is a vast range of orchestrations available, ranging from early-intermediate to advanced difficulty. Rehearsal times to be determined.


The Resurrection Choir

This group ministers through music at funeral liturgies. Members are notified of Funeral Masses through a call chain, and participate as able. There are no rehearsals for the Resurrection Choir, and hymns are mostly standard funeral repertoire. The Resurrection Choir is an important part of bereavement ministry and is open to all parish members who can sing and are available during the daytime.  Please contact Linda Phillips for more information.


Linda Phillips

Director of Liturgy & Music

St. Sebastian Catholic Church

Dearborn Hts., MI

313.562.5356  x 307

20710 Colgate St.
Dearborn Heights, MI

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