Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning, NFP, is a way of life by which a couple recognizes natural, biological signs of fertility and infertility. To postpone pregnancy the couple abstains from all genital contact during the fertile time. To achieve pregnancy the couple engages in marital intercourse during the fertile time. For postponing pregnancy the Physicians’ Desk Reference reports a 97%-99% effective rate for the most current, scientifically research NFP methods taught today.

Attend a Class

  • Introductory NFP Presentation “Conjugal Love and NFP”
    • Introduction to the Sacrament of Marriage and Natural Family Planning 
  • Series of 3 NFP classes teaches the rules of the Ovulation Method
    • For additional classes or  information contact
      Ben & Dorothy at 313.292.1294 or email
    • For Skype or private classes contact
      Gretchen at 586.206.5320 or email 
  • Marriage Is A Decision 
    • Friday 7pm – 9:30pm Introductory NFP Presentation “Conjugal Love and NFP”
    • Saturday 8am – 4:30 pm Marriage preparation program:
      • Topics include family of origin, decisions, communication, sexuality, parenthood, children, in-laws, friends, career, finance, conflicts, Bible, wedding ceremony, traditions, and promise ceremony. 

For additional information contact Ben & Dorothy at 313.292.1294 or email

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